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A story of growth and continuous innovation, the vectors of future action are defined, despite the company being in a highly volatile sector in terms of predictions.

Regardless of the strategic planning, the future of F3M will always be a "people’s company" and the team will always be the main engine of the strategy and growth of the company.

F3M has some advantages that may be considered critical in our growth strategy:

• The experience that the company has raised hundreds of projects one to one with a national dimension, in terms of software development, will be a leveraging factor for sustained growth, with more specific projects in terms of private and public market;

• Geographical diversification of activity is a key question and the bet in the foreign market is to continue. In this vector the company expects that by 2015 almost half of its total turnover comes from foreign markets, whether through marketing software developed in Portugal, either through the provision of services in foreign markets;

• The company will keep it's two vectors of external growth, based on direct investment in some contries and global marketing of the sports scouting platform, arriving in 2016 to 100 contries;

• The focus on innovation will be a reality, based on the certification IDI. At this level F3M intends to continue and demonstrate that it is possible to grow working on vertical markets, have dimension working in vertical markets and innovate continuously working on vertical markets. More than a company with a certification in the IDI F3M intends to position itself as an innovative company effectively, in all its aspects;

• Promote the growth of the social and environmental dimension of the company, not only seen as being a producer of financial wealth for its shareholders and employees, but as an entity able to participate in a process of collective development.