F3M seeks to respond in a sustained manner to the needs of the several markets where it operates, not only through the offer of standard software, but also by developing custom software projects.
With more than two decades of accumulated experience, F3M develops medium and large scale projects in the area of specific software:
• 100% specific software, developed from scratch;
• Specific projects based in a greater or lesser extent in previously developed F3M software;
• Projects with small specificities size concerning, but with an enormous importance towards the costumer’s core.
In every project, F3M relies on a senior team of software specialists (architects and developers) with a vast experience building custom solutions, both for the corporate market and public entities, as well as for social welfare organizations.
Boost your competitiveness with custom software developed by F3M!


F3M was chosen to develop a project based on Web technology for the management of the Project Territories, funded by the Local Development Social Contract (CLDC) and created by the Ministry of Labor and Social Solidarity.

It resulted from an agreement between the Social Security Institute (operator of the program CLDC) and Sol-the-Ave (coordinating entity of the partnership created to perform the contract in four municipalities of Vale do Ave), to promote the integration.

The specific solution developed by F3M will thus allow centralize all communication and managing information system based on actions, areas of intervention and budgets. In addition, the software will provide managers and program coordinators a strong component in terms of statistical analysis.

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