Units of different dimensions and typologies



Healthcare Management Software is part of a wide range of solutions that F3M has developed for the social sector. This is an integrated solution for the management of small and medium-sized healthcare units, from long-term care Units to Medical Offices, Outpatient Clinics, Inpatient Units and Surgery.

Enables the creation of workflows and all level information between reception, care and medical area, clinical and financial area, among others.

General Functions
• Patient Data: administrative users information; allergies, intolerances and pathologies; relevant Clinical history;
• Financial area: invoices, Bills-Receipts, debit notes and credit, Advances, Receivables Management;
• Reporting (Winword is integrated with the database, allowing the definition of models for the inclusion of information and patient information/process);
• Statistical analysis-in dependence of the existing modules;
• Possibility to enable pharmaceutical validation of the prescription;
• Citizen's chip card reading;
• Management of hospital pharmacy (medicines, consumables, etc.).