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The revolution of scouting, made ​​in Portugal

A commitment to training and managing young talents is one of the most important variables when it comes to determining the success or otherwise of a club. This discovery of new talents is assumed as an exhausting work, where only the best prepared have the better results.

Aware of this and after a thorough search in the market, F3M developed a software platform that aims to revolutionize the exploration and how the observations are conducted football. Football Talent Spy is a pioneering tool globally oriented for scouting in football, which allows creating databases, storage , organization and comparison of data on players, games and competitions. Available for use on PC and tablet, FTSpy was created with the help of scouts and coaches from all over and is aimed at all those involved in the soccer world.

• Creating reports observation Private | Attributes and data athlete only accessible to the owner of the account.

• Creation of players / teams and users | Build your database. Enter detailed information about athletes , teams and scouts.

• Creation of games and game reports | Local; competition; incidences of game.

• Research of players | For parameters: age, position, attributes, among others.

• List of favorites and shadow team | Listing players referenced - 11 "ideal”.

• Comparison of players | For key attributes such as speed, position, technical capabilities, among others.

• Statistics and medium players | Analysis by number of reports / observations.

• Save game / players and reports | Historical observations.

• Planning Task | Schedule their observations and their collaborators.

• Different types of membership: free, star, sky and dream.

• Different types of access: data management and permissions.

• Confidentiality of Information | Data visible to the account holder.

Find out more at www.ftspy.com


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