A bet on the qualification of Human Resources

Training Centre

Training Centre

Since 2011, vocational and technical training were clear bets in F3M corporate strategy. F3M Training Centre is nowadays a reality and an independent business unit, with a major role in the company’s plans for the present and future.

The motto of this unit is to provide real training opportunities. More than a repository of common themes, and that the market profusely offers, the F3M Training Centre intends to supply our trainees with contents that meet their actual needs. Apart from accountancy, tax and labor law, the planning, sustainability, human resources and computer science management are the F3M’s training plan guideline.

To accomplish our goals, we build a highly accredited training team, with a relevant professional experience, which allows us to instill a practical and innovative nature, with technical and scientific high quality.

The number of trainees in the F3M Training Centre actions has grown, year by year, keeping the satisfaction level above 95%.

The high rate of participation and satisfaction of our trainees and the technical quality of the F3M trainers, are the basis for the Training Centre solid growth as a solid reference.

F3M provides specialized training within several areas, through seminars, classroom training, web, tailor made solutions, one-to-one.